(Part 1 of) The Whole Story

If you’re going to keep up with us, you should probably know how we got to where we are! It’s a long story, but a good one. -K&R

Mommy? Me? What?!


When I first found out I was pregnant with Rose, the circumstances were less than ideal.

First off, I was 19. In my sophomore year of college at St. Louis University. In a sorority. Six hours away from small town Ohio, and any family.

It was December. Finals week, as luck would have it. I was feeling off, kind of achy, and even though I hadn’t noticed any of the typical signs (birth control – I never got periods anyway), I just had this creeping suspicion that – almost two months after that long Halloween weekend I’d spent with my boyfriend – I might be that scary word: pregnant.

It was like a movie scene – nervous, in the dorm floor bathroom, with the little test hidden in my sleeve in case anyone else was in there (Seriously, why are the wrappers such a bright pink?). And then…

Two lines.

Two lines.

Checked again. Still two. What?!

I just sat there for a while.

I didn’t know what to do. A piece of plastic informs you that, surprise, despite taking all the right precautions a tiny little person is currently sharing your body, and how are you supposed to feel?

I loved and trusted my boyfriend (still do), so I did the only thing I could think of and called him.

He thought I was kidding at first, of course. But after it became obvious that this was no joke, he said the best thing anyone ever could have:

“Well. You know I love you. I’m going to be with you no matter what.”


That phone call calmed me down and gave me the reassurance I needed to call my mom… Which went a lot worse.

It was a 45 minute phone call, and it was mostly me calming down my hyperventilating mother. I kept thinking,

Mom. You are supposed to be calming Me down right now.

But I couldn’t blame her. I’m sure it was just as stressful, confusing, and painful for her to hear as well. Eventually, though, she came around and had much the same response as Joe (boyfriend): “I’m your mom, and I love you. And even if your baby is making me a grandma too soon, I guess I can love him or her too.”

I took a deep breath. I’d gotten the hardest parts out of the way. Now, I just had to let the rest of my family, friends, sorority sisters, and university staff know… Easy, right?

Read on for more!

Image credit: 1) Daniel Lobo via Creative Commons 2) and 3) Kathleen Heckman via Samsung Galaxy

Image credit for tweets: { pranav } via Creative Commons


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